Moodie Street

Project Description

The project on the Moodie Reach spans from just upstream of the original Moodie Street bridge downstream to the Rose Hall bridge, a stream length of approximately 1,300 feet. The 2013 flood flows caused heavy erosion to occur along the banks of the Moodie Reach resulting in significant loss of property for several residences. The Big Thompson River Restoration Master Plan ranked the Moodie reach as a high priority for restoration, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service conducted an assessment summer 2015 that confirmed the need for river recovery and its value to life and property in the Moodie reach. One year later, the BTWC and CDOT led initial discussions with landowners to start gaining input on river restoration. This project was led by CDOT, in collaboration with the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and incorporated the permanent replacement of HWY 34, the Moodie Street bridge, and  river and habitat enhancement features to reduce threats to life and property and to improve long-term river function. Enhancements made to the river include stabilizing the river banks and bed, improving floodplain access, and revitalizing native vegetation and aquatic habitat.

This project was completed in May 2018 through a partnership with CDOT and their construction crews

Fun Fact

All of BTWC’s flood recovery projects were collaborative efforts involving landowners and recovery partners. The Moodie Street project is a great example of how BTWC’s efforts to restore private lands bolstered CDOT and Larimer County’s efforts to replace and rebuild infrastructure damaged during the flood that surrounded this project site.

Project Photos

Moodie Before

Before (2017)

Before the river project, the Moodie Reach near the Rose Hall bridge was heavily armored with riprap, leaving little opportunity for native vegetation and overall the river lacked in-channel river habitat features.

Moodie after construction

After (2018)

This image shows conditions just after completion of construction, showing bank stabilization with a mixture of rock and large wood and the installation of native vegetation as well as several in-channel habitat features.

Moodie bridge today

Moodie Bridge Today

Moodie Street

Project Accomplishments

7 private properties included in the project area

1079 cubic yards of 18” riprap installed as bank protection

5 cobble bar stabilization structures installed

20 large wood features installed

1.5 acres of native seed

499 container plants installed

441 willow and cottonwood stakes installed