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Jasper Lake

Project Description

The 2013 Flood caused the Big Thompson River to change alignment due to natural processes of widening and sediment depositing. The purpose of the Jasper Lake project was to protect vulnerable infrastructure located within the river corridor from future flood damage while repairing and enhancing aquatic and riparian habitat. The Jasper Lake project provides improved capacity to the channel and attempts to reduce the river’s erosive energy during high water events. During the late summer and early fall when flows are typically low, the low-flow channel was constructed to provide refuge for fish and aquatic organisms. Revegetation work in this reach included seeding, mulching, and planting native, locally-adapted riparian plants.  Native riparian vegetation provides critical habitat, shade, streambank stability, and water quality improvements.

The Jasper Lake project was designed with community and partner input in 2016 and was constructed from March to June 2017.

Want to Help?

Since completion of the project, the BTWC has continued to monitor conditions to evaluate long-term success of the project, assisted with the management of noxious weeds, and hosted a volunteer planting day with Rocky Mountain Flycasters to help install additional native plants. The BTWC is also working with Larimer County on their ongoing restoration of Narrows Park. Interested in helping to monitor conditions along the river or manage weeds and plants?

Jasper Lake

Project Outcomes

project length: 2,600 linear feet

10 landowners participated

33 in-stream structures installed

430 linear feet of bioengineered banks

Jasper Lake Woody Toe

Before and After


The Jasper Lake project used large wood from tree trunks to stabilize banks at risk of erosion .


Upon completion, the bank is better stabilized for future high water events, and the wood also provides more nutrients and cover to enhance habitat.

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