Glen Haven Forest Restoration

Project Description

The community of Glen Haven has been identified as a priority area for wildfire mitigation work to protect the community, water resources, and public lands. Glen Haven is a Firewise community situated on the North Fork of the Big Thompson River. It is largely surrounded by National Forest and National Park lands with the exception of The Retreat community which is directly east. Forest treatments and wildfire mitigation work have been completed in and around the community by the Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department and the U.S. Forest Service, yet many acres remain untreated. BTWC received funding through a Colorado State Forest Service grant to treat 60 acres of Glen Haven Association land and complete 10 acres of defensible space around homes and roadways. This project will strategically build upon work the Volunteer Fire Department and U.S. Forest Service have completed and will increase ingress/egress access for emergency responders and community members. Not only will this reduce risk for the community but can help protect Northern CO’s water resources as the North Fork of the Big Thompson is a critical waterway that impacts downstream water quality, including Loveland’s water intake infrastructure. Fuel treatments will occur in 2023 and 2024 and will be paired with workshops and trainings to provide opportunities for community members to learn more about how to reduce risk around their homes.

Fun Fact

Glen Haven residents and the Volunteer Fire Department have been working to reduce wildfire risk and increase forest health for years. They are the only certified Firewise community in the Big Thompson Canyon and they have developed their own Community Wildfire Protection Plan!

Project Photos

Cameron Peak Fire

Fuel treatments will prioritize removing smaller material and creating space between the crowns of trees which will help to reduce the likelihood of a wildfire moving into the canopy.

Post-Fire Flooding

Fuel treatments will occur on Glen Haven Association parcels which will add onto treatments the Volunteer Fire Department has completed and help reduce the risk of a fire moving into the community from the west.

Glen Haven Forest Restoration

Project Accomplishments

We’ll be working on this project throughout 2023 and 2024, check back to see our project accomplishments!