Community Projects

Monitoring and Adaptive Management

Project Description

In 2017, Big Thompson Watershed Coalition partnered with Larimer County and was awarded funds from Colorado Water Conservation Board to continue monitoring and management of several recently completed BTWC restoration projects in the watershed. This overarching project consists of monitoring site conditions over time, conducting weed control, and hosting volunteer planting and stewardship days. Restoration of river corridors is a long-term process, and ongoing community participation in weeding, planting and other stewardship actions will vastly improve the success of our river projects over time.

Project work started in 2018 and will continue through June 2020.

Volunteer with BTWC

Interested in volunteering to help BTWC staff monitor site conditions or help with additional planting and weeding days? For information on upcoming volunteer planting days, see Upcoming Events or contact our staff.

Community volunteers from groups like Rocky Mountain Flycasters/ Trout Unlimited and the Sierra Club help with ongoing weeding and planting work on Big Thompson river projects.

Click to learn more about the management and control of noxious weeds in the Big Thompson watershed.