Our last Community Planning and Wildfire Workshop of 2019 is this week!
Join us Thursday, December 12th
at the Glen Haven Town Hall from 5pm to 7pm.


November and December 2019, Wildfire and Community Planning Workshop: This workshop will feature speakers in wildfire and community planning, a panel Q&A session, community-based activities, and resources for those living in wildfire prone areas. The workshop will be a place for community members, land managers, and interested parties to come together to learn about and discuss forest management, emergency response, Community Wildfire Protection Plans, wildfire defensible space, and how we can better work together to create resilient forests and communities.


Join us next year for:

Round Mountain Forest Health Demonstration Project tour: Join us for a field tour our the Round Mountain Forest Health Demonstration Project at Round Mountain trailhead. We will tour the project site, discuss forest ecology and needs, restoration design, and what homeowners can do on their land independently and with the help of local resources.

Big Thompson Forestry Community Planning Event: Guest speakers, activities, and resources will lead the discussion on the Round Mountain Forestry Project, an Intro. to Forestry Planning, and Community led forestry planning discussions for the Big Thompson watershed.


Background on the Project: The beloved City of Loveland Round Mountain trail received a face-lift this winter as Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and project partners team up to restore just over 14 acres of ponderosa pine forest. This project enhanced the resilience of this stand and its ability to withstand long term threats such as fire, extreme weather events, insects, and disease by strategically thinning the forest.


We look forward to sharing completion of this project with local communities through informational workshops and site tours and hope that this project will spark discussion on wildfire resilience for those living and recreating in the Big Thompson and Loveland areas. Through these activities, we hope to enhance relationships and an understanding of needs between community members and fire and land managers. Moving forward we would like to support and enhance community initiated forest management plans and projects, helping both people and forests attain resilience for future fire and flood events.